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“Giving birth can be the most empowering experience of a lifetime — an initiation into a new dimension of mind-body awareness.”

Ina May Gaskin


Whatever the vision, we all need to educate ourselves about our bodies, about interventions and what they mean for comfort, mobility and health. Every parent should walk into birth feeling empowered to bring a child into this world, understanding the depth of their options and how to navigate the labyrinth of the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experiences.

Proper support and education is imperative to experiencing positive growth in our culture and medical system, and I look forward to supporting you through your journey in whatever way that may be…

“Birth is an opportunity to transcend. To rise above what we are accustomed to, reach deeper inside ourselves than we are familiar with, and to see not only what we are truly made of, but the strength we can access in and through birth.”

Marci Macari


There are moments in our lives that work like a hinge, connecting who we are to who we become. These are the most impactful moments, and giving birth is one of the most powerful paradigm shifts of the human experience. I am here to help you orchestrate and personalize your hinge moment, so that you feel well-supported, educated, and empowered to have a positive and meaningful experience — a rite of passage that is remarkably yours as you move into parenthood.

Every family deserves the opportunity to prioritize their needs during this sensitive time of growth, and they should have support through the entire process no matter the circumstances… from pregnancy through postpartum, I am here to support you as you create the groundwork for the rest of your lives.

“If I don’t know my options, I don’t have any.”

Diane Korte

Discover Endless Possibilities

Birth and the transition into parenthood is one of the greatest paradigm shifts we will ever experience. Whether you choose a home birth, hospital birth, or to birth at a birthing center, there are so many possibilities and options to wade through when delving into the world of birth. It is important that we educate ourselves and find proper support as we make these important decisions that will affect our entire lives.

From basic support to personalized childbirth education, learn more about how I can support you through your pregnancy and birth, and help you prepare physically and mentally for your postpartum experience.

“Because the truth is this – the first few years of postpartum are going to pull you so far away from who you used to be – and then they’re going to put you back together as the person you’re meant to become.”

January Harshe

Pregnant and you’re not sure where to begin?

There are so many care providers and they all have different philosophies and methods of practice. Don’t settle when choosing a care provider — find one who is engaging and truly interested in helping you through your chosen experience. This relationship is one of the most important steps in personalizing your birth!

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Birth Resources

Connection is my business, and what better way to connect with others in this beautiful community than to provide all the best local and web-based resources all in one place!

Not sure if doula support is right for you?

Send a message to learn more about how doula support and childbirth education can help you have a transformative birth experience and prepare you for a smooth transition into parenthood…

Client Testimonial

Ashley was an amazing support through my pregnancy and long labor. I can’t imagine going through the experience without her. Calming, encouraging, knowledgeable, and nurturing are a few words I would use to describe her. I had a bit of a unique situation and felt like she went above and beyond the typical obligations of a doula, and was happy to do so! She also made sure to check on us postpartum and assured me she was still there if I need her. I’m so grateful to have had her by my side and I can’t recommend her enough!

-Mary Locklear, Pickens, SC

Client Testimonial

After a failed attempt at a natural birth with my firstborn, I knew I wanted a doula this time around. I interviewed 4 amazing women around the upstate but, I knew the instant I met Ashley that she was my doula! Within an hour of calling her during my labor, she was in my living room applying a hot water bottle to my back during contractions. Ashley spent the next 10 hours doing hip compressions, applying counter-pressure, making sure I stayed hydrated, suggesting different positions to help baby move down, preventing me from panicking during tough contractions, and so much more. Having her there gave me peace and direction in a time where I felt lost and helpless. I can not recommend Ashley enough. She cares for her clients and loves what she does. My husband even admitted he was glad we hired a doula. He took some convincing but I know he truly appreciated having someone there to support me who knew first hand what labor was like and knew various ways of providing comfort. I could continue raving about Ashley for days. Thanks to her, I was able to enjoy a peaceful home birth rather than being stuck in a hospital during this COVID19 nightmare.

-Faith Noel, Landrum, SC

Client Testimonial

Ashley was absolutely wonderful from start to finish! As first time parents, my husband and I were thrilled with having her as our doula. She provided excellent childbirth education as well as being a great resource and wealth of information herself. Although our home birth didn’t go as planned, Ashley was there for us every step of the way both prenatal and even more so postpartum. She took extra care to follow up with us postpartum to make sure we were doing well and talk through any and all challenges we were facing during this time. I can’t stress enough how important a doula is and how amazing Ashley was to work with. Both my husband and I highly recommend her! Thank you for being exactly what we needed to get us through being first time parents!!!

-Liz Kohut, Travelers Rest, SC

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