FREE Printable Self-Advocacy Guide

I’ve been creating some content that I’m beyond proud of and I’m so excited that the beta launch of The Mind Body Birth will be announced in the next few weeks! As a quick sneak peak, I’ve decided to offer a free download on a topic that is near and dear to my heart. As a birth advocate I thought I knew a lot about advocacy. I was completely unaware that I had only skimmed the surface, which is something I’ve found to be true in nearly ever aspect of this work.

Moving through the hospital system with my husband many times over the past eight months (and I am extremely grateful we are past it and he is healing) has not only brought me to an entirely new level of education on the subject, it has lit me up to share what I’ve learned with everyone I can — because understanding how to navigate the hospital system is crucial in any medical situation. I’ve pulled a page from my class workbook to share with my following. Learn this information, and remember, you can absolutely set a boundary and self-advocate while keeping your peace.

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