Websites & Podcasts

This list is a work in progress. Have resources you think I should add? Feel free to email me.


La Leche League of Greenville — the Facebook page for our local La Leche League chapter.

Kelly Mom: Parenting/Breastfeeding — an excellent resource for all things parenting and breastfeeding related.

Jack Newman, MD, IBCLC — world renound pediatrician and lactation consultant who specializes in breastfeeding. There is a link to his articles and organization, which offers a wealth of information.

World Health Organization: Breastfeeding — WHO guidelines and resources for all things breastfeeding.


Childbirth Connection — pregnancy and childbirth resources.

World Health Organization: Maternal Health — WHO guidelines and resources for healthy pregnancy and childbirth.

Evidence Based Birth — an excellent resource for evidence based information on everything involving pregnancy and birth.

Aviva Romm: Natural Pregnancy — a series of articles on natural pregnancy by Aviva Romm, MD.

National Association to Advance Black Birth — “a nonprofit organization that provides advocacy, support and programs that directly help black women and persons throughout the birthing process.”

Indie Birth — “offers concrete knowledge, ancient wisdom and current research so women can make choices with full awareness, from the full spectrum of choices.”


National Perinatal Association — offers information on perinatal mood disorders.

Postpartum Support International — a wealth of information on pregnancy and postpartum mental health.

Aviva Romm Postpartum Recovery — healing herb baths for new mamas.

Postpartum to Powerful — a list of resources for PMADs from Nicole Obenshine. She also has an excellent support group on Facebook.


Finding the Right Doula — “as pregnant black non-binary femme, finding the right doula changed my life.”

Birthing and Breast or Chestfeeding for Trans People and Allies — a great facebook group that is full of resources.

Thinking about Pregnancy as a Non-Binary Trans Person — an excellent article about the pregnancy experience as a non-binary trans person that also includes a wealth of trans friendly pregnancy resources.

University of Leeds, Trans Pregnancy — a great list of information, resources and podcasts about trans pregnancy in media, health and law.


Birthful — covers everything birth. It even offers dads’ perspectives and interviews with medical professionals.

The Birth Hour — covers a vast array of pregnancy topics, including birth stories, postpartum struggles and triumphs and resources.

Evidence Based Birth Podcast — a newer podcast created by the amazing people behind Evidence Based Birth — a wealth of evidence based knowledge involving all things pregnancy and birth.

Happy Homebirth Podcast — is a Greenville based podcast covering all things homebirth. “It is your source for positive natural childbirth stories, and your community of support, education and encouragement in all things homebirth and motherhood.”

Indie Birth Podcast — created by the wonderful people behind Indie Birth, it “offers concrete knowledge, ancient wisdom and current research so women can make choices with full awareness, from the full spectrum of choices.”

Fourth Trimester Podcast — covers all things postpartum.

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