Birth Planning Session

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“If I don’t know my options, I don’t have any.”

-Diane Korte

Birth Planning Session — $75

Doula support isn’t your thing, but you want some extra guidance in your planning? You’ll love the Birth Planning Session!

In this 2-hour (+) session we dive deep into your birth options, understanding self-advocacy and hospital navigation, and you leave with access to over 50 pages of printable resources!

  • Birth Blue Print: We explore birthing options like, environment, location, provider, and support team. We talk about questions to ask when interviewing your provider. If you are local to Greenville, SC and the birth locations I frequent, we will discuss provider and location options in more depth.
  • Personal Advocacy + Hosptial Navigation: We discuss your rights in the birth space, how to navigate the hospital system, formulating discussion to get true informed consent, and the importance of personal responsibility.
  • Printable Resources: You will have access to a private portal with over 50 pages of printable resources and a list of my favorite tools and videos.

What’s more… if we end up working together in a greater capacity through doula support, this fee will be applied to the additional services.

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