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Ashley was an absolutely wonderful doula for us as first time parents! She is genuine, supportive, and engaged and provided exceptional guidance prenatally, during birth, and postpartum. We are so grateful to Ashley for being an integral part of our birth story and journey!!

Ali Hight Greenville, SC

Ashley is not just an incredible, knowledgeable and empowering doula, but she is an even more wonderful human and now friend. I decided late in the game to hire a doula. (I think I was almost 8 months pregnant!!) I was stressed that at that point it might be “too late” to add a doula into the mix. I could not have been more wrong! Ashley was a Godsend to me, my husband and my entire birth team and support system. She was kind, professional, understanding, and compassionate. She was a source of strength and calming energy when I needed it most. I’m infinitely grateful that I had her there with me during what was a long, trying, beautiful, but traumatic birth experience. She was active physically during my 22 hours of labor and advocated on my and my baby’s behalf when I needed her most. She respected my decisions but was also there for me as a source of expertise and knowledge. I’ll never forget seeing Ashley in the recovery room as she met my son for the first time. She loved him just as much as we did. She was part of the family. What’s even more wonderful about Ashley is she is actively pursuing her Prenatal and Perinatal Educator Certification. Not only is she a master at emotional and physical support, she is equally knowledgeable and passionate on her pursuit as a birth educator. Do yourself a favor and hire Ashley as your birth doula. Trust me, you will look back at it as one of the best decisions you made during your pregnancy.

Haley James Greenville, SC

After a failed attempt at a natural birth with my firstborn, I knew I wanted a doula this time around. I interviewed 4 amazing women around the upstate but, I knew the instant I met Ashley that she was my doula! Within an hour of calling her during my labor, she was in my living room applying a hot water bottle to my back during contractions. Ashley spent the next 10 hours doing hip compressions, applying counter-pressure, making sure I stayed hydrated, suggesting different positions to help baby move down, preventing me from panicking during tough contractions, and so much more. Having her there gave me peace and direction in a time where I felt lost and helpless. I can not recommend Ashley enough. She cares for her clients and loves what she does. My husband even admitted he was glad we hired a doula. He took some convincing but I know he truly appreciated having someone there to support me who knew first hand what labor was like and knew various ways of providing comfort. I could continue raving about Ashley for days. Thanks to her, I was able to enjoy a peaceful home birth rather than being stuck in a hospital during this COVID19 nightmare.

Faith Noel Landrum, SC

I worked with Ashley at Bodhi Birth and Wellness during my pregnancy and delivery and couldn’t have been more pleased! From our initial consult on the phone, to my prenatal visits, to Ashley joining me at a doctor’s appt, and of course her presence in the delivery room during delivery, everything went so smoothly. This was my first child and I knew I wanted to try without the epidural, but I was very nervous. I knew would need support from someone who could really keep me calm, walk me through, and be in my corner when things got rough. Ashley helped me feel very prepared for labor by practicing positions to ease pain, helping answer all kinds of questions, and even helping create my birth plan! When I went into labor she was on her way to the hospital as soon as we called her, and she was very supportive in speaking with nurses and making sure we knew what was going on at all times. This helped my fiancé be able to stay by my side 100% which I needed. I was able to deliver my beautiful daughter Daisy without the epidural or any pain meds and was so proud of myself! I highly recommend Bodhi Birth and Wellness for anyone! During labor I was in so much pain I could not speak at times and it was so reassuring knowing someone who had extensive training knew my desires and could help me be my voice. 💕

Maggie LaMantia Greenville, SC

Ashley was absolutely wonderful from start to finish! As first time parents, my husband and I were thrilled with having her as our doula. She provided excellent childbirth education as well as being a great resource and wealth of information herself. Although our home birth didn’t go as planned, Ashley was there for us every step of the way both prenatal and even more so postpartum. She took extra care to follow up with us postpartum to make sure we were doing well and talk through any and all challenges we were facing during this time. I can’t stress enough how important a doula is and how amazing Ashley was to work with. Both my husband and I highly recommend her! Thank you for being exactly what we needed to get us through being first time parents!!! ❤️

Liz Kohut Travelers Rest, SC

Ashley was an amazing support through my pregnancy and long labor. I can’t imagine going through the experience without her. Calming, encouraging, knowledgeable, and nurturing are a few words I would use to describe her. I had a bit of a unique situation and felt like she went above and beyond the typical obligations of a doula, and was happy to do so! She also made sure to check on us postpartum and assured me she was still there if I need her. I’m so grateful to have had her by my side and I can’t recommend her enough!

Mary Locklair Pickens, SC